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Driven by extraordinary life experiences,
at Uptogether Healthcare we bring confidence and
light to the elderly and people living with disability; offering an
empathetic ear, collaborative approach and
practical support.
From supported independent living and respite for
caregivers, to the provision of high care needs and
transport or travel assistance; Uptogether
Healthcare helps people to live a life filled with
confidence, freedom and control.


Our services include but are not limited.


Psychosocial Recovery Coach


Specialist/Support Coordination


SIL/Respite Accommodation



(French, Swahili, Kirundi, Kinyarwanda, Portuguese, Afrikaans & Dutch) 


Capacity Building


Life Stages

 i.e. moving to your own house to live independently, accessing education, learning how to drive, daily living assistance...


Provision of high care needs

i.e. in-dwelling catheters, stomas, catheters, PEG feeds and complex wounds...


Mobility Equipment Servicing

Sourcing, supplying, servicing and repair of a wide range of mobility aids ...


ADL's are planned around the wishes and capabilities of the participants.

Assistance with ADL's promote participants to remain as active and independent as possible, while receiving the support that they need.

We focus on enhancing the participants ability to progressively learn new tasks, resulting in a sense of well being and achievement.

Groups and individuals  are taught life skills that prepare them for community and and/or shared accommodation living e.g. effective communication,  cooking for a group, problem solving, managing a household and conflict resolution.




Life stage transition can be daunting and confronting.  We ensure that participants are fully supported when they need to make major changes in their lives e.g. leaving school, getting a job, coping after the death of a partner, learning to live with a new disability  Uptogether provide the following:

  • Assistance with life stage transitions, including mentoring, peer support, individual skill development, and decision making to support people to make transitions on their terms and in a way that meets their goals and aspirations.
  • Assistance to access and maintain employment or higher education.
  • Assistance and support with preparation for school leavers to find employment in either the supported or open job market, and support them in their transition through school towards further education.