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Uptogether Healthcare

Uptogether healthcare is a disability services provider that was founded in 2020. Our purpose is providing disability services were every participant enjoys living easier life while achieving their goals.

About Us

Uptogether healthcare believes that the key to satisfaction and happiness is living independntly, that is why at Uptogether Healthcare we are committed to creating an environment where transfer of support between our workers and people living with disability will help our clients to live that happiness and satisfaction. Uptogether Healthcare has employees with extensive experience in disability services and are committed to make that difference through providing high quality care to people living with disability to ensure they live easier life while building their independence, enjoying the activities they love and achieving their goals.

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Quality, values and strategies with uptogether healthcare

Uptogether healthcare believes that high quality of service and customer satisfaction is the key for the growth of its business. That is why the company is devoted to providing high quality services considering individual needs of each of our participants and carefully working on the feedback from our clients to ensure the satisfaction is not compromised. Uptogether Healthcare believes that people living with disability deserve the best service and caring workers. Uptogether Healthcare has ensured it's workers are not only qualified but also difference makers ready to meet the satisfaction of our clients.


Uptogether Healthcare encourages good quality practice, continuous improvement, and an honest, supportive, respectful philosophy that supports and encourages workers, participants, and all other individuals to make complaints and report matters without concern of retribution. A participant who wishes to submit feedback, compliment or complaint will be presented with the information involving the feedback and complaint policy.